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We empower companies with real-time, remote control technology

Ixys supplies components, software and complete control systems to companies within subsea, surface,
air and space.

Ixys control system solutions

Our standardized modular control system is designed to meet the needs of any operation that requires remote control from anywhere. All parts from hardware to software is designed and produced in-house.

The technology is designed on standard industrial protocols, with an open interface allowing most equipment to be easily integrated.
This secures a more agile process from design and production, to commissioning and operation. 

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The final exam

We invest in apprenticeships. Our apprentices can now call themselves Electronic Technicians! Steep learning curve. Finally, after two years as apprentices at...

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iCsys is now Ixys

New name. New logo. Same super smart people. By changing our company name from iCsys to Ixys, we have made it easier...

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Broad in-house competence

Our in-house engineering capabilities are set up to cover all aspects of robotics, instrumentation and control, including mechanical design, electronic design, electronic production and software development.