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A real-time HMI platform,
your bridge to boundless innovation.

VJU is a graphical configuration environment engineers use to develop 
control and visualization for real-time remote operations.

Enhanced Value Through Flexibility

VJU Studio empowers you to swiftly craft tailored applications by leveraging our extensive library of software control components, effectively reducing the typical expenses and development time associated with programming.

Our modular approach, encompassing both hardware and software, provides developers with the means to construct solutions that seamlessly adapt to control requirements. This flexibility enables developers to enhance the value of their machines by incorporating distinctive features at a complexity level that aligns with their design challenges.

Taking control systems
to the next level

The Ixys Control System series represents a versatile, modular approach encompassing both hardware and software, enabling developers to efficiently construct solutions that seamlessly adapt to varying system control requirements.

This flexibility empowers developers to augment the value of their systems with unique features tailored to the complexity of the task at hand. Ixys offers a robust solution to address the challenges of today: a comprehensive development environment for creating control solutions for systems, machines, and robotics.

Leveraging our cutting-edge hardware technology, the Ixys VJU Studio platform, and an expanding array of products, you can swiftly design and tailor electronic control systems and machine control solutions.

Ixys VJU Studio opens up a new realm of creative freedom for design engineers, all while streamlining the coding and testing processes.

Dependable, smart and
fully adaptable software

With Ixys VJU Studio, you gain the ability to craft distinct and tailored solutions that accelerate the introduction of superior systems to the market.

By utilizing the VJU Studio, control system developers have access to a hierarchical selection of pre-validated software blocks or modules, ensuring their reliable integration across all levels. The intuitive drag-and-drop platform effectively minimizes the expenses and development time typically linked with programming.

But what is VJU?

User Friendly and Efficient​

Cost Efficient & Customizable​

Scaleable and Flexible


Reliable and secure

Future Proofed



User Friendly and Efficient

VJU has an intuitive HMI with drag and drop functionalities. You don’t need to be a software engineer to understand and create your control system when using VJU.

With VJU you will spend less time building your control system. VJU gives you the power to create well differentiated, custom solutions that helps you bring better systems to market faster.

Cost Efficient and Customizable

VJU streamlines application development by utilizing pre-built components, reducing costs, and eliminating the need for an in-house software department. With effortless customization, it adapts precisely to your remote-operated real-time control system, optimizing efficiency and meeting unique needs.

Scalable and Flexible

Easily scale the software to accommodate growing and changing control system needs.

Our modular design of hardware and software allows developers to effectively construct a solution that easily scales to the control requirements. Developers use this flexibility to add value through machine differentiating features at the level of complexity that fits the design challenge.


With VJU you have the ability to edit and add functionality while the software is running, offering you unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. This feature empowers operators to make real-time improvements, enhancing system performance and capabilities without interrupting critical operations or requiring system downtime

Reliable and Secure

With VJU you will spend less time building your control system. VJU gives you the power to create well differentiated, custom solutions that helps you bring better systems to market faster.

VJU also offer robust security measures to protect critical control systems from unauthorized access or cyber threats


Since VJU has no vendor lock-in and uses standardized protocols, you can seamlessly integrate new equipment and technologies from various vendors, ensuring long-term compatibility and flexibility for your control systems


VJU has video integration and low latency is to enable users to remotely monitor and control critical systems with minimal delay. This ensures that operators can make informed decisions


Ixys provide extensive training resources and dedicated customer support to ensure users maximize the software’s potential.