About Ixys

Reliable and creative tech-nerds with strong personal ties.

Wide range of expertise

Ixys AS was established in 2014 as a sister company to Envirex and Envirent AS. The company has been a gazelle company since 2018, and turnover has more than quadrupled since 2016. We now have 31 employees. The company is owned by the following three employees with 49%:

Vidar Haus: Background as Avionics technician, ROV Pilot and engineer from Oceaneering AS.
Bjørn F. Esaiassen: Computer and electrical engineer.
Sven Hatteland: Background as Avionics technician, ROV pilot and technician as well as R&D engineer at Oceaneering AS.

Together we make up a vast knowledge of electronic circuit design, software for both workstation and embedded systems, advanced electronic encapsulation and wiring. The remaining 51% is owned by Envirex Group, which was founded in 2011. Envirex Group has had a tremendous revenue growth, and attracted major clients in both license holders and oil services companies since the startup.

Core Values


At Ixys we will always be open minded and reliable. We will keep what we promise, act as we say and perform as expected – we will always deliver. We will always comply with the applicable procedures, requirements and QSHE. We are devoted to ensure that all requirements for certification and documentation are thoroughly executed.


Playfulness and fun have an important place in our work. We have the creativity, expertise and willingness to challenge standards and are not afraid to challenge our customers or ourselves with difficult questions.


We are highly competant tech-nerds. We allow ourselves to be inspired by others and each other. We are a driving force, challenging our customers and the industries we operate in with professional expertise, new ideas, great solutions, innovative design and honest advice.


We have strong personal ties to our co-workers, our projects, our partners, the suppliers and to our customers. We care about each other and the people involved in our business. At Ixys we treat everyone with dignity, respect and loyalty.

Our Promise

Innovative and competent

Ixys is based on competence and innovation. We are constantly looking for exciting new opportunities. We look to the future. We test and strive to offer new solutions and new opportunities to our customers advantage.


Time is money. We turn around quickly and guarantee smooth and agile delivery. We guarantee quality. Our products, systems and services are stable, reliable, robust, safe and solid.


We have an agile production line and supply standardized products that are in stock. We have inhouse expertise from A to Z and control over all systems (electronics production, design, embedded firmware, software, etc.)

User friendly

We work to break down and simplify what is difficult to understand so that everyone is on board and on the same page. We standardize and commercialize products and solutions so that the customer can easily implement them.