Enhancing Quality

Our Team Levels Up with IPC J-STD-001 Training

Competence is everything

Here at Ixys, we’re all about getting better at what we do. Last week, in order to make sure we provide top-notch products, five of our team members completed a week of training in IPC J-STD-001. This training is all about soldering electronics and making sure they work great.

These five team members came from different parts of our company. Three came from our production department, and two from hardware. They spent time learning a number of important things about soldering.

The training course included the following modules:

  1. Wires and Terminals
  2. PCB, Coating, Encapsulation and Stacking
  3. Through-Hole components
  4. Surface Mount assemblies
  5. Inspection Criteria
The hands-on experience I gained was incredibly engaging. One aspect that particularly caught my interest was the emphasis on quality standards in electronic assembly. Learning how to ensure high-quality work in this field is not just important but also intellectually stimulating. It gave me a profound appreciation for the level of precision and skill required in electronic manufacturing.
Steffen Dugstad
Technician, Ixys

Our training program was led by Hytek, a respected organization from Denmark. Their instructors spent a whole week with us, guiding our team through the complexities of soldering standards. One of the highlights of this training was that our dedicated trainees had to demonstrate their proficiency by passing examinations in each of the different modules, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

This achievement is more than just a certificate on the wall. It’s a quality stamp of approval that reinforces our dedication to providing the highest level of craftsmanship. Our business often involves complex soldering work, and this training has significantly elevated our understanding of execution requirements for various products and assemblies. It’s not just about improving our soldering skills; it’s about delivering products and services that meet the highest standards in the industry.

In short, IPC J-STD-001 is more than a training course; it’s a commitment to quality, a promise to our customers, and a testament to our dedication to excellence. We’re proud to have undertaken this initiative and are excited to see how it positively impacts our work and the products we deliver. 

We choose to invest in increasing the competence of our employees to ensure that we deliver high-end quality products to our customers. Reliability is one of our core values and we are striving to continuously improve the quality of our deliveries.
Vidar Haus
Managing Director, Ixys