Revolutionizing Airport Runway Safety and Efficiency with VJU Control System

Imagine a world where airport runways are safer and more efficient than ever before. That vision is now a reality, thanks to VJU – the cutting-edge control system powering the Roboxi rover, a remotely operated robot designed to enhance safety and efficiency on airport runways.

According to Tom Reidar Gilje, CEO of Velo Robotics, VJU has played a pivotal role in turning this vision into a reality. The journey from concept to a fully operational rover took less than 5 months, thanks to VJU’s intuitive integration capabilities with a wide range of hardware from different manufacturers, simplifying and streamlining the development process.

Automating Airport Runway Inspection and Maintenance Services

The primary objective of this groundbreaking project has been to automate airport runway inspection and maintenance services. In collaboration with Roboxi and Avinor, this endeavor has fostered a close partnership among all participating companies as the project evolved.

Versatility through Modular Design

The Roboxi rover’s versatility is achieved through its modular design, allowing us to construct an adaptable rover with a wide array of functionalities. Birthe Boge, CTO of Roboxi, underlines the confidence instilled by VJU software. Built on the OPC UA communication protocol and supported by comprehensive documentation, VJU ensures the system is ready for future advancements. The VJU team has mastered the art of optimizing the GUI setup for top-notch operator performance.

Empowering Innovation with Integrated Scripting

VJU goes beyond the ordinary with integrated scripting functionality within the software. This feature empowers us to implement additional equipment and functionalities as needed, including sensors, motors, alarms, and more. Our system developers enjoy creative freedom, devising innovative solutions that continually enhance VJU’s capabilities.

Seamless Integration for Superior Performance

One pivotal aspect of VJU is its seamless integration of joysticks and video systems with minimal latency. Low latency in video transmission is crucial for achieving seamless operation. Our unwavering commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) concerns is evident in the effortless integration with the rover’s safety system and the addition of new safety measures as the project progresses. The intuitive joystick integration elevates the end-user experience, ensuring safe and effective rover control.

Ensuring Secure Rover Operations

The achievement of secure rover operations on runways is made possible through the implementation of a fail-safe autonomous braking system. This ingenious system automatically halts the rover if it ceases to receive signals for a specified tolerance period of 250 milliseconds, a testament to the successful cross-company teamwork.

VJU: Your Platform for Innovation


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